Wrap-up 2022

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It may seem shocking but it’s true – we’re almost at the end of another year. How fast time flies when you enjoy making a positive impact for a living.

We’re so proud of our partners as well as our team – for all the projects we’ve put out into the world over the course of 12 months.

Whether it be…

  • Celebrating the important progress made by the Global Mangrove Alliance with regards to mangrove restoration and preservation

  • Uncovering the hidden threat of air pollution with World Athletics

  • Helping the Centre for Ageing Better bring vital awareness to the harmful impacts of ageism
  • Highlighting the various Nature-based Solutions spearheaded by the IUCN.

We feel lucky to have supported such important work and thoroughly enjoyed these collaborations – so much so that we grew in ranks!

Yoke now has four new team members as well as a new studio space – all of which has had a huge positive impact on our focus, capacity, and quality of our work.

We feel beyond grateful that we have food in our tummies, the health and wellbeing of the team and our families, and a roof above our heads.

So instead of sending presents this year we have donated to a charity close to us here in the UK, Caring in Bristol.

Hopefully this will help them offer a warm and safe space to all this festive season.

From all the team, we hope you have a wonderful break, and we look forward to seeing again in 2023.