Communicating Climate Change: Part 4

In this fourth and final part of our series we look at some of the ways we can inspire change without the chore.

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It’s all very well having a glitzy campaign site that get’s noticed but if you really want people to take action and make a change in their behaviour then you need to make it easy for them to do this, without it seeming a chore. This fourth and final part of our series focusses on the importance of making change as easy as possible for your audience.

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Make positive behaviour the default

It is human nature to stick with the option that is selected automatically (the default) instead of choosing an alternative. Eg. People are far more likely to print double-sided if this is the printer’s default setting. Thus the option to conserve paper is made that much easier by becoming the default.

By making socially and environmentally beneficial choices the default option, this can significantly influence the choices people make regarding natural resources. A research study carried out in Germany showed that a higher percentage of people chose renewable energy when it was presented as the default option. With house-hold energy accounting for roughly 30% of carbon emissions in the UK, this really is significant!

Incentivise change, now.

By giving people an immediate incentive this can help to effectively motivate action. For example, the UK’s Plug-in Car grant scheme gives buyers up to £5000 off the price of electric vehicles. Over 25,000 electric vehicles have been bought using this grant scheme. Drivers may find it difficult to be motivated by the long-term savings of driving an electric vehicle however the immediate saving when purchasing the vehicle through the grant scheme (35% off) makes all the difference.


By understanding a little about the human psyche – how people process information and make decisions, combined with some of our tips from the digital world, we hope that this series of articles help to highlight what campaigners can do to effectively communicate climate change in a way that resonates with their audience and helps to inspire action.

Yoke are committed to working on projects that work for positive change for people and the planet. We’re passionate about raising the profile of Climate Change so if you’d like help in communicating your key findings in this area or for getting a campaign off the ground then get in touch.