The EIT Food TrustTracker® measures consumer trust in the food industry. It provides valuable insights that will enhance the food value chain and help create more sustainable systems. We partnered with our good friends at Greenhouse to bring this research to life.

We partnered on



Report layout


The report

We presented the large body of data at the heart of the report with a human touch. Greenhouse handled the structure and copy, and we worked on effective visual ways to bring the data to life. We also created new branding for the project, which needed to be distinct from the main EIT brand and feel new and fresh. The brand toolkit then gave us a foundation for the wider campaign materials.

The animation

Our animation helped the report reach a wider audience. It provided an opportunity for people to get an enjoyable grasp on TrustTracker® in under two minutes, and we also created shorter edits to share on social media.

The campaign

We created a modular suite of visuals for webpages and social feeds to complement the main report. They featured headlines and top-level statistics that gave a taster of what the full report holds.