The Nature Conservancy: The State of the Worlds Mangroves Report 2022

The Nature Conservancy is a global environmental non-profit. They reached out to us as a result of our shared vision for a future where people and nature thrive. Together we continued to champion the conservation of endangered lands, waters and wild species – via the design of their ‘State of the World’s Mangroves’ Report 2022’.

We partnered on

Layout Design

Data Visualisation


Effecting change

The Nature Conservancy latest report design is integral to helping them maximise their ability to effect change – between now and 2030. The new fresh, clear and playful style seeks to promote equal access to information. 

Equal access to information

Data was made available in as many as 8 languages – including Arabic, Bahasa, Chinese, French, Hindi, Portuguese, Spanish and English. Therefore the ‘look and feel’ of this report needed to appeal more to the “everyday reader" and avoid being niched in the scientific communities alone.

Driving awareness

Branded social media campaign graphics accompanied the main report. These were leveraged to engage audiences, drive awareness and further the potential for global impact. This report goes some way to motivating experts and individuals to support legislation that protects ecosystems that ultimately help shape a brighter future – for people and our planet.