Meat Me Halfway

Meat consumption is fast becoming a polarising issue. But what’s more feasible - persuading millions of people to go fully vegan, or billions of people to reduce the amount of meat they eat?

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That’s what co-founder of the Reducetarian Foundation, Brian Kateman explores in his documentary ‘Meat me halfway’. A nuanced investigation into the impacts of meat consumption, including the emotional factors that keep us hooked, and the most effective and compassionate ways to effect real change. We were excited to help Brian illustrate his theories with a series of wholesome animations, helping viewers of his documentary visualise the impact that modern meat consumption is having on the planet, animals and people.

Illuminating complex issues

This documentary sheds light on complex topics and hard realities. To both inform and engage the audience, we teased out some levity. Keeping the visuals simple, organic and charming by using a single colour approach applied to a mixed-media style. 

A savoury outcome

It was a joy to work on a project that takes such a nuanced and hopeful look at one of the biggest issues of our time. And proposes a practical path forward that could create some much needed common ground.