Homes for Life

The Centre for Ageing Better conducted a study into how our homes are built, and how they support the people who live in them. It revealed that many fell short of requirements and explored how better planning could make a huge difference to people’s lives, now and in the future. We bought this important research to life.

We partnered on




Report layout

Working with Yoke on this project was a delight – we pitched them a very rough concept and they helped flesh out the idea into a number of different assets, each with a purpose. As always, they were incredibly professional and easy to work with, showing their flexibility and talent as the project evolved. In the end, what we were delivered managed to meet and even exceed our expectations.

Yehia Nasr - Digital Officer at The Centre for Ageing Better

The report

We focused on creating a report that could share the research story in an accessible and engaging manner. It needed to form a foundation for the urgent call for action in this area being made by The Centre for Ageing Better and the Housing Made for Everyone (HoME)coalition.

The animation

We created a short animation that highlighted the essence of the report and its key messages. It was accessible, easy to understand and paved a clear path to the wider campaign.

The campaign

To help spread the word and provide consistency in the voice of the campaign, we also created a suite of assets. These included short edits of the main animation, and a toolkit of static graphics.