The Age-friendly Employer Pledge

Working with the Center for Ageing Better, we created an animated film to highlight the structural and institutional nature of ageism and to help drive change and advocacy for employers and the role they have to play.

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We’re very excited to launch our Age-friendly Employer Pledge and have it visualised through this brilliant video produced by Yoke. From planning through to post-production, it was brilliant to work with Yoke and produce something that we’re proud of.
Yehia Nasr - Digital and Content Manager

The approach

Simplicity and accessibility is key in communicating an entrenched and emotional social issue to mass audiences. Animation is a medium that allows high rates of engagement through storytelling to leave a lasting, memorable impression and drive immediate calls to action. Combined with entertaining multi-media illustration, stories come to life in a relatable and emotive way, easing the message and encouraging behavioural change.