The new Spark Forum is born

A new a space for Bristol Green Capital Partnership members to connect and transform ideas into action...

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The new Spark Forum is born

In order to create more impact with their work, the Bristol Green Capital Partnership are launching the Spark Forum to bring together their members to connect and collaborate. Co-founder of Yoke, Jay Bigford, joined the forum’s committee and got to work creating a brand identity for the forum.

Bristol Green Capital Partnership (BGCP) is a network of over 800 organisations across the city that have pledged to work towards Bristol becoming a sustainable city with a high quality of life for all. With such a breadth of expertise across the partnership (comprising of private, public and third sector organisations), it was recognised that they needed to provide a space for members to connect in order to harness the partnership’s full potential.

"Like a spark from a flint to light a fire, the Spark Forum will provide a platform for many collaborations between Partnership members."

The Spark Forum will host quarterly events for BGCP members to pitch their ideas or ‘make an ask’ to other members. The first forum will be held on 27th November, 3pm at We The Curious.

With the core identity in place we are now looking forward to developing the wider toolkit and having fun with illustration… Watch this space!