Inspirational examples of alternative societies

Case studies from across the globe that show us alternative ways to achieve positive, low impact and happy futures.

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At a time of uncertainty in the west, and especially here in the UK, we take a positive look at examples around the world who are showing us the way to low impact, prosperous and happy futures.

It seems in the West we are a little trapped and constrained in our thinking around possible solutions to our current position. So, by looking around the world to other countries who do not seem to have the same ideological trappings, we can find inspirational, real world examples of alternative approached to many of the large problems we face, like governance, security, energy and food. Here are a few to help start the discussion:


In 2015 Costa Rica had an almost fossil free year in the production of it’s nations electricity needs. This talks by Monica Araya gives an insight into why this was possible:

Happiness and governance

Bhutan recently declared embracing GNH, a different take on their nations aims around developing towards a collective target, instead of our economics based GDP. Their focus was on a national level of happiness, not a national economic growth. In this video, Bhutan’s Prime Minister, Tshering Tobgay talks about how they went about it: