Junior Designer, Emily Armstrong

Junior Designer, keen Paddle Boarder and all-round creative dynamo. Emily inspires us to approach life through a playful lens on the daily at the Yoke studio.

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Emily works as a junior graphic designer at Yoke. She inspires us daily to approach life through a playful lens.

If you ask anyone at Yoke what Emily’s greatest strength is, they will likely tell you it is her ability to adapt to any creative scenario.

Here are a few questions, so you can get to know Emily better…

Who inspires you to do better?

The installation artist Benedetto Bufalino, who alters the function of seemingly mundane objects. His ability to unconventionally re-invent the everyday, inspires me to approach life through a more humorous and playful lens.

An entire city bus-turned-pool, concrete mixers into disco balls, and the conversion of an old Ford Mondeo into a fully functional pizza oven are a few of my favourites.

Can design change the world?

Everything in life is based on interaction and design helps people successfully interact.

Design essentially makes life a little easier. Things need to work for people – if it doesn’t work for people, it is not effective, and for that reason I think design can change the world.

If you were voted Prime Minister today, what is the first thing you would change?

I would give more funding to the arts sector. The Department for Education released a list of postgraduate training bursaries for 2021 which included no arts subjects at all. Artists aren’t contributing as much to the economy because their platforms and resources are being taken away and I would aim to give these back.

Where is your favourite place?

Hawaii, the peaceful culture and the stunning landscapes, surrounded by ocean everywhere you look. I just love how undeveloped it is, so much untouched nature.

What is the number one thing we can do each day to stay happy?

Be true to ourselves.